About Us

Harmony is a PvEvP orientated guild which was founded during the Alpha test in 2014.
Most of the founders have known each other for many years and are ready for a new beginning in ArcheAge. Our members come from all parts of Europe, so you will meet many different characters and cultures. English and German are our most used languages for communication with each other.
Most of our members have been playing MMO´s for many years and were able to celebrate considerable success.
No matter if it was PvE in World of Warcraft or Star Wars – The Old Republic or they won fame through PvP in Aion, Rift, Tera or League of Legends.

With over 60 members in the Alpha and Beta, we would like to start now a new chapter of MMO-History. We provide a flat guild hierarchy and are focused on playing together instead against each other.
We respect that every player has their own individual goals, but at the same time we want to develop our group PvP and PvE skills. Fighting big battles on the land and in the sea, slaughter players from the East to turn the war to our favour, killing horrible monsters – all this and lots more. Our first big goal is it to claim some land on Auroria to build our castle.

Our array of communication tools includes a structured forum, guild website, Facebook page and group, Twitter channel and an own Teamspeak 3 Server. We are provide our members the possibility to upload screenshots on our website or their in-game videos on our shared YouTube channel or if you are a streamer (via Twitch) we can publish it, so we are able to reach a larger amount of people.

Would you like to become also a member of such a great community? Then make you application today and become a part of Harmony!